When Did WW2 Finish?

World War 2 finally came to an end on the 8th of May 1945, when Adolf Hitler had committed suicide. News quickly spread about the death of Adolf Hitler and the guns fell silent. Winston Churchill the then prime minister announced Victory in Europe.

Today we celebrate VE Day which symbolises the Victory in Europe celebrating the end of the World War 2 on 8th May 1945. Street parties were held in every street throughout the whole of the United Kingdom and to finally welcome home the brave men and women.

Even though the World War 2 was officially declared over in Europe and other western countries in the Far East, countries such as Japan carried on with the blood shed, and killing thousands of people.

Japan, did not give up so easily and the fact that Germany had surrendered did not deter Japan in anyway.
Japan had two Atomic bombs dropped on the country, Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6th and 9th of August 1945. The Atomic bomb was a turning point in World War 2, just when everyone had thought things couldn’t get any worse, a single bomb could do more damage and kill more people than a thousand bombs could achieve.
Soon after this catastrophic event Japans Imperial government consulted with Emperor to try and convince him to surrender, the emperor Hirohito agreed with the Imperial goverment. Hirohito then made a personal radio address announcing the decision.

On the 10th of AugustĀ 1945 – Hirohito agreed in principle to surrender and it wasnt until the 15th August 1945, Hirohito and Japan formally surrenders, ending World War 2 for the entire world.

The conflict spilled over into Africa, included a handful of incidents in the Americas, and a series of major naval battles.

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